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<strong>Have you ever wondered what it is Ski Patrol does all day?</strong>

<strong>Are you interested in joining the team but don't know where to begin?</strong>

<strong>This is your opportunity to meet the Canyons team, get out on the snow, ask questions, and find out if Patrol might be a good fit for you next winter!</strong>


<strong>Pre-register and reserve your spot for either March 28th or April 1st by applying now!</strong>


<strong>Date: </strong>March 28th OR April 1st

<strong>Where to meet:</strong> Canyons Resort, Silverado Hotel Bobcat Room

<strong>Time: </strong>8:30am (plan on spending most of the day with the team)

<b>What to bring:</b> Your own equipment (skis only - alpine or telemark, <em>no snowboards</em>) and a helmet, ski pass if you have one (if not, one will be provided)


<strong><em>Additional details will follow via email once we receive your application and confirm your spot.</em></strong>


<strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Ski Patrol Job Description:</span></strong>


Ski Patrol is responsible for performing guest service functions such as accident handling, administering first aid, trail maintenance, promoting and creating a safe environment for guests and employees, mountain sweeps, lift evacuation, avalanche control and explosives handling.  The job responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

	<li>Assisting, providing medical care, and transporting sick and injured patients</li>
	<li>Performing sweeps at the end of the day to ensure that all guests are safely off the mountain</li>
	<li>Transporting and setting up supplies and equipment on skis or snowboard</li>
	<li>Avalanche control using explosives and skiing techniques</li>
	<li>Driving snowmobiles for mountain operations</li>
	<li>Chairlift guest evacuation</li>
	<li>Trail maintenance including marking and mitigating hazards to skiing public</li>
	<li>Promoting guest safety through education and enforcement of the Utah Skier Safety Act.</li>

<strong>Job Requirements:</strong>

	<li>Patrollers may use alpine skis, tele skis, no snowboards</li>
	<li>Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) certified  (<em>Medical certification is required in order to be considered for employment but not to attend clinic. Must be certified by Ski Season 2015/2016</em>)</li>
	<li>Must be an expert level skier</li>
	<li>Must successfully complete the Fit to Ride fitness assessment program as well as background check prior to employment</li>
	<li>Must be able to work in inclement weather in a high alpine environment</li>
	<li>High School Diploma or equivalent</li>
	<li>Must be at least 21 years of age at beginning of 2015/16 season</li>
	<li>Must be available to work holidays and weekends</li>
	<li>Must have excellent guest service skills</li>
	<li>Must work well in a team</li>
	<li>Previous patrol experience - Preferred</li>
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Ski Patrol Openings

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.07.24 AM

Have you ever wondered what it is Ski Patrol does all day? Are you interested in joining the team but don’t know where to begin? This is your opportunity to meet the Canyons team, get out on the snow, ask

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Katie Models The 2015 Hat


Buy these hats special pricing at truelocaldeals.com Katie Mundal from Vilar Center was giving away Lewis Black tickets while modeling our special edition hat at the Beaver Creek radio Experience.

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Hockey Book Conversation at Bookworm

Save by Roy

Save by Roy, a collaborative effort between seasoned sportswriters and authors Terry Frei and Adrian Dater, is an opinionated, interpretive, and in-depth look at Patrick Roy’s first season as a National Hockey League coach and the Avalanche’s surprising 2013–14 season. The

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Sustainable Film Tuesday Night

Dying Green

This month at the Dusty Boot, The Walking Mountain Science Center presents their continuing series of Sustainable films.  our featured short films this month are are “Dying Green & The Next Best West’. Community discussion will follow the film. When:

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Ralphie May Saturday Night

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 1.37.19 PM

Ralphie May is one busy and funny fellow and he will be bringing his gig to the Vilar center on Saturday January 17th. May has released a number of hour comedy specials, an album of vintage comedy from the 1990s

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Taste Of Vail Launches Contest

Taste Of Vail Facebook contest

 Taste of Vail announces a scavenger hunt for wine bottles for a chance to win free tickets to the 25th anniversary of Taste Of Vail There are wine bottles hiden all over town and if you like the taste of

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Winter Snow Bike Race Saturday

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.04.05 PM

THE THIRD RACE IN THE WINTER SERIES IS SATURDAY JAN 10TH AT 10AM Pedal Power Winter Snow Bike Race Race Fees – snowshoe only races Pre-registration: $20 / Day-of-race: $25 Race Fees – Winter Triathalon Pre-registration: $35 / Day-of-race: $45

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Vilar Hosts Ted Talks

ted x vail

The  5th annual TEDxVail conference will feature  speakers sparking deep discussion with breathtaking videos and mind numbing photography. For 2015, ‘naturally,’ unites some the of the world’s most fascinating leaders in conservation, art, photography, digital media, kayaking and health. Friday

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Global Energy Forum Returns In March


Following the successful inaugural Forum in March, 2012, and highly praised follow-up Forums in March 2013 & 2014, Stanford University, Precourt Institute for Energy, and the Vail Valley Foundation will partner again to host a fourth public Forum March 14

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WonderGrass Single Day Tickets on Sale

WOndergrass 14

Organizers announced today that single day tickets for Winter WonderGrass 3 go on sale at 9am Thursday Morning HERE. They also announced the day by day line up for the three day event below    

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