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I think most holiday gift guides in magazines and blogs are written with one of two motivations. One is to pacify advertisers by mentioning their items. The other reason would be that the author would really like to get the items himself. With zero ad revenue tied to my musings, I fall in the latter group. In other words, this is the one column a year I hope my loved ones read before they go shopping.


The Sonos Play 5- This is quite simply the best wireless speaker you can buy. Ingeniously easy to hook up and now smart enough to get all of your streaming systems down path (Including Deezer) , the Sonos system offers easy growth of your full house audio system and great sound for at a far price. Remember- always spend as much money as you can on speakers.


A Jam Cruise– Ok this one I am not going to be too picky on. I’ll take just about any of them. This latest form of festival has me intrigued. Whether its four nights with Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir in Riviera Maya or hanging dock side with the likes of the Original Meters and Karl Denson, the idea of a vacation all about music gets me excited. All-inclusive and music all day and night, Oh Santa, I tried to be a good boy.


The PBS Sound Breakers DVD Series– Granted in these days of streaming everything, who needs to get a set of DVDs? Well I like to support artist when their work is of significant magnitude and thus is the case with this groundbreaking music series produced by PBS. The 8-part series is available on the PBS app; however, having this on DVD and being able to watch with pristine sound and video gets me excited while contributing to a cause that says give us more cool shows about music.



Musical Measuring Spoons. I came across these on Etsy- the small artist ecommerce site. Shaped like a Banjo, guitar, mandolin and ukulele these fine pewter spoons will help in the kitchen, but also look quite cool on my cocktail table.



I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In The Kitchen With Your Favorite Bands- A cool cookbook that will rock your dinner and breakfast tables. Some very cool bands like Violent Femmes, Death Cab for Cutie and My Morning Jacket contribute recipes and stories about food. If I can’t be a rock star, I’d sure like to eat like one.


The Kohler Moxie– Ok I totally would have bought this one for myself already but its priced near $200. Other than that it’s the cat’s meow or at least a long warm shower. The Moxie is a showerhead from Kohler that has a wireless speaker inside. You just screw this on in place of your current showerhead and singing in the shower has never been cooler. The speaker itself pops out if you need to recharge or use elsewhere.


Apple AirPods– No I don’t need them and yes I already have dozens of headphones but these kinda look really cool and though they a have not been made available yet ,the reviews I have read make it sound like these could be the best wireless buds ever. They have a special link up with the latest iPhones, that apparently makes the Bluetooth transfer of sound flawless; however, at a monstrous $150 plus price tag , I think I’ll wait for them to magically show up under the tree.