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according to the website Pollstar.com reporter Sarah Marie Pittman:

The festival was originally scheduled approximately 43.5 miles outside of Denver at May Farms in Byers, Colo., Sept. 19-21. The lineup is topped by The CureThe NationalRise AgainstWeezerSocial DistortionThe Flaming LipsPrimusSlayerand Sublime With Rome.

Organizers posted a statement on Facebook this afternoon saying a new venue will be announced soon.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control and despite lots of support for Riot Fest & Sideshow in Byers, May Farms is no longer available to host Riot Fest. A nearby alternate location will be announced early next week. We know this sucks, we’re as disappointed as you are, but if you could be a little patient with us, we’ll have more information ASAP. All tickets will be honored at the new location. Riot Fest in Denver is NOT cancelled, the show will go on, and rock n roll never dies.”

Arapahoe County denied the festival’s temporary use permit after getting feedback from citizens at a July 1 meeting. In addition to the 200 people that attended the meeting, the county says it also receive numerous emails, letters and comments by phone, as well as petitions about the permit application.

The Denver Post points to the denial letter by Arapahoe County Zoning Administrator Tammy King, which the County posted online “due to the overwhelming public interest in this event.”

King writes, “Based upon the information provided to me, it is clear that when Riot Fest was held in 2013, the traffic generated to and from the May Farms property by allowing the above-referenced vehicles to park on the property over a two to three day period caused numerous adverse impacts to members of the community.

“These impacts included residents having difficulty in getting their vehicles in and out of their driveways, substantial difficulties in traveling to obtain groceries and other essential services, difficulty in getting to and from work, difficulty in conducting farm trucking activities, illegal parking on Byers residential property by Riot Fest attendees wishing to avoid the congestion of the on-site parking at May Farms and also just a general sense that the Town of Byers was overrun with traffic and people during the duration of the event. While some residents did not seem to mind the traffic and its effects, or thought that the benefits of the event outweighed its impacts, many did not.”

King added, “In addition, I have substantial concerns about public safety issues that would result from the granting of the application. Due to the amount of traffic congestion from Riot Fest, emergency service providers would not be able to serve the residents of Byers, the surrounding areas, or the attendees of Riot Fest on a timely basis.”

Riot Fest has 10 days to appeal the decision by Arapahoe County.