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Get to know your GoPro

Want to take your GoPro skills to the next level? Maybe learn a trick or two from the GoPro pros? Here is your chance.

Sign up for a free GoPro training session during the event, and get a unique, hands-on GoPro experience you won’t find anywhere else. Each class is offered each day so you have plenty of opportunities to get schooled by GoPro at the GoPro Mountain Games without missing any of the action at the event!

Course 1

GoPro Essentials

Thurs., Fri., Sat., & Sun.

New to GoPro? Follow along with GoPro experts as they walk you through the basics of your HERO3+ camera and help you get more comfortable capturing your passions with the latest GoPro mounts and accessories.

Course 3

Group Ride+GoPro

Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun.

Saddle up with GoPro experts for a fun and educational ride around Vail Mountain Resort. You’ll start by capturing some epic footage, then use GoPro Studio software to create a finished edit you can share with the world.

Course 2

GoPro Deep Dive

Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun.

Once you’re comfortable with GoPro basics, it’s time to step it up. This course will get you familiar with the key settings and advanced features of the HERO3+ camera and reveal the real-world modes the pros use.

See The Best

GoPro Outdoor Reels

After getting schooled check out the GoPro Adventure Series at Outdoor Reels. Enjoy 9 100% GoPro Adventure Film Shorts sure to get you fired up for your next adventure. All films are free. Showtime is 9:15pm on Friday, June 6.