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It’s a TrueLocalDeals Easter Egg Hunt! 

We had a great Easter today, with some pond skimming and musical fun as Vail and Beaver Creek closed for the season. Since we don’t want the Easter celebrations to stop, we have hidden Easter eggs around the TrueLocalDeals site for a special hunt running through this Friday (4/25).

Look for a basket of Easter Eggs within the image section of a few special TrueLocalDeals items. If you find one (or more), e-mail their location(s) to bri@coolradiollc.com to get a special discount code for EXTRA BIG savings. E-mailing the correct location of one Easter egg will get you a discount code for 10% off your entire order. Two eggs gets you 15% off, three gets you 20% off, and four eggs will return a code for 25% off all TrueLocalDeals. Happy hunting!