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I had a chance to visit with Scotty Stoughton recently the organizer and all around beast of Campout for the Cause- An annual pilgrimage of music, song and yoga all for a good cause. This year will mark the sixth installment of the event and will be held May 23-25th at Rancho Del Rio. Stoughton was kind enough to answer some questions about the festival.


Why Campout For The Cause?

The local musicians and fans here in the Valley have always risen to the occasion when times call for raising awareness and money.  Six years ago I was working on a few benefits and volunteering for an npo in Central America so I wanted to create an annual event to focus energy on the causes while gathering along the river in a pure setting.  I have been humbled and inspired by the tireless work of people volunteering and helping various causes in which they are so passionate, from the environment to disaster response.  This gathering is about people coming together to elevate the scene, Campout is not about any one person or artist, it’s a chance to participate, educate and inspire!  This year we are supporting Eagle Valley Land Trust and once again, All Hands Volunteers.



What will be new this year?

More yoga!  We are building a dedicated yoga and workshop zone along side the river with multiple classes daily.  We are also moving back to the original location at Rancho Del Rio so people can camp near the river and partake in all the workshops and music onsite with out having to shuttle anywhere.  We are initiating a zero waste program, and an onsite composting and recycling program.  We will have new workshops on permaculture, hand drumming and body movement, CSA farms and more to bring a little insight for ways to enhance your day to day life.


4What is the overall vibe of the event?

LOVE!  This gathering really brings a unique, thoughtful and gracious group of fans together, in large part due to the acts I book.  Families will be onsite, kids of all ages and people that are truly interested in giving back, learning new things and above all shaking their butts on the dance floor!




8. What does music mean to Scotty Stoughton?


Disconnecting and reconnecting.  Great music really allows you to step out of your skin, your day to day lives, challenges and struggles.  Disconnecting from the electronic and material world allows the spirit to soak in the natural surroundings, beautiful sounds, sights, smells and energies of our fellow humans.  Music and particularly musical gatherings in magical places recharges every ounce of my spirit.  Whether I’m performing, writing or listening, I don’t take one note for granted.  There is nothing like music around the bonfire!



10. What is your one wish for the new year?

I hope people can reconnect with each other on a personal level.  I don’t care if you believe what i believe but I do want to have an open and honest conversation with you, I want to know why you feel the way you do about issues and I want you to listen to my point of view.  I hope people can value and respect different positions without getting so dam personal, if we cannot communicate, disagree, discuss and find common ground that we have not evolved.  I do see this happening locally and I’m grateful.