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Xcel Energy natural gas crews will be working in the Minturn, Colo., area this week to make repairs to a small portion of the company’s local natural gas system, which was in the path of a rock slide last week. Xcel Energy has secured the site, there was no natural gas leak and there was no loss of service to customers, but materials did enter the company’s system right of way, requiring minor repairs and clean up this week.
Xcel Energy and the Eagle River Fire Protection District are asking the public NOT to access the Game Creek Trailhead between Taylor Street and Cemetery Road in Minturn, until the repair work is completed. Parties accessing the trailhead have been loosening additional soil and rocky materials into the natural gas right of way, making conditions more difficult to deal with as Xcel Energy crews make repairs. Again, we are asking that parties stay away from the trailhead and slide area for the next several days.
Additionally, Xcel Energy will be venting small amounts of natural gas as part of the repair effort, which will most likely not be noticeable to nearby residents. Natural gas is odorless, except for the harmless odorant the company adds to help detect a leak. The added odorant, called mercaptan, has a sulfur-like smell, similar to a rotten egg. The venting is expected to begin at 9 a.m. MDT Wednesday (3/12). Residents in the area are asked to be cognizant of a possible release, which will not pose any threats to the public.

If any residents, however, suspects a natural gas leak different from the repair effort, they should avoid turning on or off any electrical switches; avoid using any electrical appliances, motor vehicles or telephones; avoid any other ignition sources, such as matches or lighters; move to a safe distance away from their home or the source of the leak; and call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-2999 or  the Eagle River Fire Department at (970) 748-9665.