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Tom Genes thought you might need some music selections to get yourself up for the game-As if you needed anything else to get you fired up!

Omaha- Counting Crows – The battle cry of Peyton Manning is covered well with this Counting Crow’s gem. Plenty of appropriate football parlance including cries for Manning to “walk on water,” and “start threading a needle.” While the Broncos can heed the lament “start running the banner down” and of course the refrain at the end has the Seahawks demise written all over it-“You know you’re only going to walk all over me.”


ORANGE CRUSH- R.E.M.- This year’s defense has proven to belong to the legacy that started in the late 1970s with Tom Jackson and Randy Gradishar. This team has given the Broncos their spine and they are the Orange Crush remix.


When I Paint My Masterpiece- The Band– Payton a masterpiece. Get it?


New York, New York- Frank Sinatra– Spread the news its up to the boys in Orange and blue to stop the mile high city from singing the blues.  We will make it there just like we have made it everywhere this year.


Weather With You- Crowded House– Hopefully the Broncs will take the Denver weather with them and use it for home team advantage.


You Can’t Touch This! – MC Hammer– This one goes out to the “Legion of Doom” from the Broncos Offensive Line. In the AFC playoffs so far, Payton Manning has been ‘touched’ only one time. Not even close to a sack. But take heart Seattle according to the song “It feels good when you know you are down.”