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This Fall will kick off the first annual 2013 Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week, September 27<sup>th</sup> – October 6<sup>th</sup>!  With participating restaurants spanning across two neighboring World Class Mountain Resorts, Vail and Beaver Creek, this culinary celebration takes dining to new heights, literally!  The ten day long event will feature a wide variety of prix fixe menus and specials all set at $20.13 and all showcasing the incredible and diverse culinary offerings available throughout the Vail and Beaver Creek Villages. To further enhance each guest’s dining experience, each bite will be perfectly paired with spectacular autumn views spread across the stunning mountain backdrops provided by Vail and Beaver Creek. Learn more about Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week, participating restaurants and specials <a href="http://diningataltitude.com/">here</a>.
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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Vail-Beaver Creek Restaurant Week Kicks Off TODAY


This Fall will kick off the first annual 2013 Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week, September 27th – October 6th!  With participating restaurants spanning across two neighboring World Class Mountain Resorts, Vail and Beaver Creek, this culinary celebration takes dining to

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Food for Kids Non-Perishable Food Drive SATURDAY


Click to expand the above flier for a full list of items/sizes and more information!

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John Hiatt Supplies A Sunny Smile


There appear to be no truth to the rumor that the organizers of the Telluride Blues and Brews Music Festival will be adding ‘Buckets’ of rain to the title though it would have been more than appropriate for this year’s

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SteamMaster Assists with Boulder Flood Relief


KZYR would like to commend the efforts of our advertiser SteamMaster in helping to alleviate the aftermath of the recent Boulder floods. Boulder is in need of a LOT of restoration work, and SteamMaster has risen to the challenge, in

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Wait…What Season Is It?


This past weekend marked the official beginning of autumn, but with late changing aspens and early snow, the Vail Valley weather seems a little confused as to what exactly that means… The results, however, are beautiful – as this great

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Avon Offers Pickleball Every Monday


Drop-In Pickle Ball Join us for this fun-filled and fast-paced sport! Pickle Ball is a sport described best as a combination of ping-pong, tennis and badminton. The game is played on a badminton size court with paddles and a whiffle

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Volunteers and Mentors Needed!

sos outreach

SOS Outreach is a non-profit that serves the local underprivileged youth. They are currently hiring mentors for the full 2013/2014 season. Mentors will assist with 5 ride days on the mountain in the winter, 2 to 3 community service projects,

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The Shaw Outreach Team Presents the 5th Annual Hike, Wine and Dine

hike wine dine

Leave your granola bars at home if you come for the fifth annual Hike, Wine & Dine at Beaver Creek! Hikers participating in this year’s event will refuel along the trail with some of the region’s best gourmet tastings and

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The Return of Rock Dinosaurs

Rocking old dinosaur

Look Out! It’s the return of the dinosaurs!  Last year David Bowie returned in fine form with one of his better albums in years- which as they say wasn’t saying much. Now we get word that some of Rock and

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Eagle County's New Haymeadow Bike Trail Opens Friday


On Friday, September 13, Eagle County’s brand new Haymeadow Bike Trail will open to the public with a community ride at 5:30 pm, followed by a 7:30 pm after-party at the Dusty Book. After-party will include a showing of the

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