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A few questions and answers from our guest this week.
Scotty Stoughton is a musical entrepreneur/renaissance man. He plays in a great band, Bonfire Dub who is about to release a new album, and he is founder of Campout For The Cause.

He will take over radio station Friday May 17 at 7:30am

First concert you ever attended?
Ziggy Marley and INXS – Philadelphia Spectrum

First album you owned?
Bob Marley and the Wailers LIVE and The Best of the Doors

When is comes to music/artists do you have a guilty pleasure?
Deep roots reggae, authentic sounds with heart felt messages. Lately been loving Polica, The Head and the Heart, Elephant Revival and Of Monsters and Men.

Your favorite act to see live?
Early on, the Grateful Dead, it shaped so much of my path today. Lately Elephant Revival, it’s easy to tell that what they do is real, they believe in what they sing and they walk the talk, truly inspirational!

Best place to see a show that might surprize people?
State Bridge Riverside Amphitheater by far, although that might not surprise people. The other place would be the Mousike / Jersey school bus (following some Whiskey)!

Worst moment on stage?
Tough to say, I feel so lucky each and every time I get to take the stage with my band and as a special guest. Its one the places that feel most like home. I have forgotten my fair share of words, fallen off the stage, tripped, been heckled and had things thrown at me resulting in a bar fight, but all just part of the ride.

One instrument you wish you knew how to play?
Acoustic guitar, I picked one up 5 years ago to assist my songwriting, amazing tool but so difficult to play well. I have a great deal of respect for folks that can make an acoustic sing sweetly. I’d also love to play the banjo!

One song you wish you had written?
Ask me that one in 20 years, I’m still creating space in my mind to let that one song reach me with pure intention