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Jarret Osborn from Riverwalk Wine and Spirits will be Digging that girl and the tunes but let’s hope he doesn’t spill that wine on the microphone as this week’s Last DJ (Friday May 24-7:30am).

Jarrett has been in the wine business since 1990.  He passed his Level 2 Sommelier Exam in 2012.  He worked as a cellar monkey at Topolos Winery in 1998, a cellar rat at Horton Vineyards in 1999, and the tasting room manager and wine dinner coordinator at Mirassou Vineyards from 1997 to 1998. He has been at Riverwalk Wine & Spirits since 1998. His current favorite wines: Barolos, Barbarescos, and Southern Rhones – both red and white.

We asked Jarret a couple of questions about himself and wine and music.

What is the best way to store an open bottle of wine?

Finish it.

When and why should a person use a decanter?

Young red to let it breathe, old burly red to let it open up, old burly red to remove sediment, any vintage port.

What temperature is ideal for serving wine?

My personal  general rules:  sparkling – 40 F
Light white – 52 F
Big white – 57 F
Light red – 60 F
Big red – 64 F
If American, drop 5-15 degrees off all whites

What’s the best corkscrew?

Waiter’s corkscrew, years of practice, simple and efficient, long blade, very light serration, grooved and Teflon coated screw.

Most embarrassing moment serving wine in restaurant?

First wine ever opened, at the Hyatt, put the red Burgundy in an ice bucket.

If you could drink one cheap bottle of wine for the rest of your life what would it be?

Category – Cotes du Rhone.  Particular – 2011 St. Cosme Cotes du Rhone

When did you start losing your hair?

At the age of 23, I saw the ghost of Sarah Fudgemouth at Camp Highroad, the hair started going shortly thereafter.

Boones Farm, Night Train, and Wild Irish Rose can’t all be wrong…Do you have a favorite?

I’ll go off the board for $500 – Mad Dog 20/20 Grape