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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Locals Love It Live


The live music business is daunting.  For the performers it’s an endless trudge through cities, stages and truck stops.  Playing your heart out till the wee hours then loading the van and driving all day to do it all again.

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Jimmy Cliff Is Reggae


Music has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time.  And every generation has ground breaking artists who transcend a genre.  Rock and roll had Elvis and The Beatles, for country it’s Hank Williams and Bob

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Dave Grohl As Renaissance Man


The versatile Dave Grohl delivers a complex mix that starts as an ode and ends as classic. This year’s version of rock’s renaissance man is apparently smitten with a piece of audio equipment and has gone to great lengths to

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When Bands Sell Out


It all started with “Follow you, Follow Me.” The last song on the Genesis album “…And Then There Were Three.”  For years, Genesis had been the darlings of the progressive rock world. Selling a fair number of records but never

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Bowie Becomes Bowie


The man of a thousand faces returns to release one fine collection of 17 songs.   It’s hard to write about David Bowie just as David Bowie.  You are ever so tempted to conjure up his multiple personas from the

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