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The Vilar has announced the beginnings of their summer series and blues rock fans and Chicago soul lovers will be thrilled.
<p class="STND-STND BodyText"> Jonny Lang will perform July 8. Best known for his chart-topping hit “Lie to Me,” the popular singer-songwriter will be on his summer tour promoting his latest album “Fight For My Soul.”</p>
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<p class="STND-STND BodyText">Music lovers are in for a treat July 17 when three vocal luminaries perform together in a brand new concert appropriately titled Sweet Harmony Soul. The concert stars Grammy-winning soul singing treasure Mavis Staples of The Staples Singers, Grammy-winning folk music legend Patty Griffin and singer-songwriter Amy Helm. Each artist will showcase their talents through solo performances. The evening will culminate when all three join together for a finale set.</p>
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THIS WEEK’S VIDEO: This week the Vilar Center announced a portion of their summer line up including Chicago musical legend Mavis Staples

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