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<strong>Have you ever wondered what it is Ski Patrol does all day?</strong>

<strong>Are you interested in joining the team but don't know where to begin?</strong>

<strong>This is your opportunity to meet the Canyons team, get out on the snow, ask questions, and find out if Patrol might be a good fit for you next winter!</strong>


<strong>Pre-register and reserve your spot for either March 28th or April 1st by applying now!</strong>


<strong>Date: </strong>March 28th OR April 1st

<strong>Where to meet:</strong> Canyons Resort, Silverado Hotel Bobcat Room

<strong>Time: </strong>8:30am (plan on spending most of the day with the team)

<b>What to bring:</b> Your own equipment (skis only - alpine or telemark, <em>no snowboards</em>) and a helmet, ski pass if you have one (if not, one will be provided)


<strong><em>Additional details will follow via email once we receive your application and confirm your spot.</em></strong>


<strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Ski Patrol Job Description:</span></strong>


Ski Patrol is responsible for performing guest service functions such as accident handling, administering first aid, trail maintenance, promoting and creating a safe environment for guests and employees, mountain sweeps, lift evacuation, avalanche control and explosives handling.  The job responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

	<li>Assisting, providing medical care, and transporting sick and injured patients</li>
	<li>Performing sweeps at the end of the day to ensure that all guests are safely off the mountain</li>
	<li>Transporting and setting up supplies and equipment on skis or snowboard</li>
	<li>Avalanche control using explosives and skiing techniques</li>
	<li>Driving snowmobiles for mountain operations</li>
	<li>Chairlift guest evacuation</li>
	<li>Trail maintenance including marking and mitigating hazards to skiing public</li>
	<li>Promoting guest safety through education and enforcement of the Utah Skier Safety Act.</li>

<strong>Job Requirements:</strong>

	<li>Patrollers may use alpine skis, tele skis, no snowboards</li>
	<li>Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) certified  (<em>Medical certification is required in order to be considered for employment but not to attend clinic. Must be certified by Ski Season 2015/2016</em>)</li>
	<li>Must be an expert level skier</li>
	<li>Must successfully complete the Fit to Ride fitness assessment program as well as background check prior to employment</li>
	<li>Must be able to work in inclement weather in a high alpine environment</li>
	<li>High School Diploma or equivalent</li>
	<li>Must be at least 21 years of age at beginning of 2015/16 season</li>
	<li>Must be available to work holidays and weekends</li>
	<li>Must have excellent guest service skills</li>
	<li>Must work well in a team</li>
	<li>Previous patrol experience - Preferred</li>
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